Welcome to Doves & Pigeons hunting kingdom

South Pioneers Dove & Pigeon hunting lodge “Dos Plumas” is the place where you can shoot the best hunting area in the world, combining doves & pigeons like in no other place!

At South Pioneers you will find a unique hunting adventure were you will be able to combine the best dove shooting (most of our visitors say dove hunting here it’s even better than in Cordoba) with superb pigeon hunting. “Dos Plumas” is like to combine the famous Cordoba dove shooting with the famous Paraguay Pigeon hunting!!! All at the same place!

Pigeon hunting could be passing, over feed lots or when the flying patterns allow to set decoys, you’ll shoot English style pigeon over decoys an experience a hunter must do at least once in his life! Because of the flying patterns there is more chance to use decoys from May to July, but we use them as much as we can form April to November.

Our Program Dove & Pigeon hunting is really a unique combination of both species. Sometimes doves and pigeons are mixed sometimes separated in different fields. The Dove & Pigeon hunting program means you will be on dove hunting spots, on pigeon spots or in spots with a mix of both species, it all depends on the previous scout. Usually time is distributed half and half on each specie during your visit no matter if the birds are mixed or separated.

Dove & Pigeon Hunting take place from April to November.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Depart from your country.

Day 2: Arrive to the airport of your choice, Mendoza or San Luis, in both you will be meet by a South Pioneers representative, who will drive you to the Lodge in time for cocktails.

Day 3, 4, 5…: full hunting days for hot gun doves & pigeons. Wake up call is at 7 am and after a strong breakfast you’ll enjoy the short drive to our hunting fields. While hunting you will be placed in a natural brush blind complete with bird boy, a stool & ice chest, with soft drinks and water. At midday you’ll enjoy at the field the famous argentine style barbecue! After a short rest you’ll continue hunting in the afternoon till sunset.

Departure day: Arise a bit later, enjoy a full breakfast and then be transferred to Mendoza for a wine tour, or take your flight back to Santiago de Chile and USA or to San Luis Airport for flights home, through Buenos Aires, where you can stay one or two nights enjoying this wonderful city.